Notes from Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile


Antifragile by Nassim Taleb has to be one of the most interesting books I have read this year. It presents a plethora of concepts that are worth discussing, and carry meaning for one's personal life, as well as for business, society, and science. From this standpoint I paraphrased and extracted some of the topics that resonated with me the most when reading the book, and put … [Read more...]

The 7-Day Crash Course in Nutrition and Health

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I have been studying this nutrition, health and fitness stuff for about three years now. During that time I have read dozens of books on the subject, watched and attended at least as many lectures, and read hundreds of blog posts. When you start learning something new, the first few months are easily spent acquiring knowledge every single day. After that the pace starts to get … [Read more...]

The Supermarket Meditation

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During the past week or so I have been entertaining the thought that if something requires industrial or chemical processing to make it edible, it simply will not be healthy nor nutritious. It is easy to say this of packaged foods, sweets, cookies, soft drinks etc. and it also applies well with things like soy products, cereal and margarine. So far I have not been able to think … [Read more...]

The best books of 2010

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Like my best books of 2009 post, this is not about books that were released in 2010, but about the ones I actually read during this year. Last year there were ten books worth mentioning, but this time the number is smaller. Almost exactly a year ago I started dating a girl (who’s sitting opposite to me in a coffee shop as I am writing this), spent the spring balancing … [Read more...]

The best books of 2009

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I don't think I've ever read as much as I did in 2009. On top of hundreds of blog posts I've finished somewhere around 40 books. This year has also shaped me a lot as a person. A year ago I was way more shy, overweight guy spending days at work and nights playing World of Warcraft. Now I've started to take much more control over my social life and ambitions, lost 10kg's, and … [Read more...]

Food, justice and sustainability

The Vegetarian Myth -cover

This is the holy trinity around which Lierre Keith's new book The Vegetarian Myth revolves. I have to say, that I have read a dozen incredibly good books this year alone, but none of them matches the importance of this one. The Vegetarian Myth is not only a joy to read, but its message should be heard by anyone who eats. Keith was a vegan for 20 years, driven by compassion … [Read more...]

How reading changed my life

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This is a little difficult post to write, as it is rather personal one. I'm trying to describe the events that have taken place in my life during the past 8 months, which has changed me as a person more than probably any other period in my life, yet keep it all constrained around one specific topic; reading. I guess it's safe to assume that you are an avid reader. If you … [Read more...]