How to stop biting your nails (and other unwanted behaviors)

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I wrote this article originally about three months ago but simply haven't found time to post it earlier. However, I'm happy to say that the method I used has worked long-term as well. The unconscious behavior remains completely gone. NLP (short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a funky tool to have. I stumbled on it couple years ago and have used some of the NLP techniques mainly to … [Read more...]

How to use reframing to destroy a limiting belief

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I think the topic of liming beliefs falls into "personal development basics," so to speak, but it is something that's useful to think about every now and then. It's also a topic I have never written about before, so hopefully it will be of interest to you :) Now, what exactly is a limiting belief? Let's start with some examples: I love photography but I'm never going to be good enough to … [Read more...]

Evolving yourself into your best self

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One of the biggest life lessons I had in 2009 was that my¬†personality is in a state of constant change. The change may be small, subtle, and quiet or take big, life-changing leaps, but it's there and it's continuous. The fact that personality changes over time is not a big surprise in itself; I think everyone can take a look back a few years and immediately see how they were different back then … [Read more...]

Remember everything by understanding how memory works

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This technique is something I discovered while reading the brilliant book¬†Tricks of the Mind byDerren Brown, who is probably the best illusionist on the planet. The whole memory trick is so juicy that I can't resist passing it forward. What makes something memorable? Have you ever considered why we remember certain events from childhood with amazing detail, but are having trouble to … [Read more...]