GMOs, complexity, and systemic risk

Sunset crops

There has been some good debate in a Finnish GMO-Awareness facebook group recently regarding both the pros and cons of GMOs. This has prompted me to participate as well, because I feel I have something specific to contribute to the discussion: the explanation of systemic risk. All living organisms are complex adaptive systems individually and also on an environmental and a … [Read more...]

Knowledge and Conviction


In the past couple years I've slowly come to the conclusion that the more you know about something, the more difficult it becomes to talk about it with people who are unfamiliar with the topic. Positive psychology is such a thing for me and so is nutrition. When talking about them I will easily go into the specifics - usually the ones I've studied most recently - and fail to … [Read more...]

A day in the life of…

Salmon, potatoes, salad, fruit, red wine

Backstory: the Paleo movement is building its profile here in Finland as well. We have a new torchbearer in the form of Helsinki Paleo website, as well as a podcast run by the masterminds Jaakko Savolahti and Olli Sovijärvi. Comparisons to The Paleo Solution podcast by Robb Wolf are inevitable, and I'm quite sure it has been a significant force inspiring these two swashbucklers … [Read more...]

What causes obesity: sugar, carbs, or food palatability?

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Human body is an amazingly complex system of biological processes and our understanding of its inner workings is still evolving. Right now there is a very interesting debate going on in the Paleo community between Gary Taubes, author of the Good Calories, Bad Calories and Stephan Guyenet on the causes of obesity; carb-insulin hypothesis going against food palatability … [Read more...]

This is what we eat: 10 quick and easy Paleo meals plus two desserts!

Coconut Curry Chicken and Veggies w590

WARNING: Reading this article may make you hungry! Preparing meals that are both tasty and healthy is as easy as it gets. I definitely don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so almost everything I make has to be ready fast. People who never cook think it takes a lot of time to prepare a meal, but that is not the case. Pretty much everything in this article takes … [Read more...]

The 7-Day Crash Course in Nutrition and Health

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I have been studying this nutrition, health and fitness stuff for about three years now. During that time I have read dozens of books on the subject, watched and attended at least as many lectures, and read hundreds of blog posts. When you start learning something new, the first few months are easily spent acquiring knowledge every single day. After that the pace starts to get … [Read more...]

The Supermarket Meditation

Photo by: Tara Whitsitt

During the past week or so I have been entertaining the thought that if something requires industrial or chemical processing to make it edible, it simply will not be healthy nor nutritious. It is easy to say this of packaged foods, sweets, cookies, soft drinks etc. and it also applies well with things like soy products, cereal and margarine. So far I have not been able to think … [Read more...]

The short and sweet guide to cooking Paleo

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This article is mainly aimed at my friends in Finland. For someone who wants to switch to Paleo style of eating it might be daunting at first to figure out what to prepare for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. In my kitchen we rarely use any recipes, but instead mix and match few basic ingredients to prepare multiple different kinds of dishes. Therefore this article will … [Read more...]

Being healthy: There’s more to it than not being sick

Arthur De Vany, age 73

How do you feel today? Energetic? Tired? Frustrated? Awesome? Sad? Happy? Positive? Sick? Coming down with something? My guess is that when you go to your regular check-up and the doctor asks if you feel healthy, you first take stock of your current situation. Are there any nagging pains? Discomfort? Depression? If the answer is no, you start looking backwards in time and … [Read more...]

What is paleo?

Lascaux cave painting

I have been so busy preparing for the coaching project that this blog has been on a backburner for the past couple of weeks. I hope things get a bit quieter now so I can do some writing. A week ago in a friend's housewarming party I ended up having a conversation about diets, nutrition, and health (I wonder why this always happens... Is it just me or is this such a common … [Read more...]