I will start doing personal nutrition and fitness coaching in Helsinki!

Photo by: Samuel Rönnqvist

It was over three years ago that I started my own journey into studying and learning about nutrition and fitness. At that time I just wanted to get my own act together, but I never imagined actually starting to offer advice to other people. However I've realized time and again that many discussions I have with friends or colleagues tend to sooner or later gravitate towards food … [Read more...]

So you want to get lean, build muscle, and finish an Ironman?

Rain on Ninja Assassin

Me too, but it’s not going to happen. You know why? Because you’re giving your body mixed signals. One day you’re telling it to grow strong, which pretty much equals putting on weight (yeah yeah I know you can increase strength without mass gains due to e.g. nerve conditioning but for the sake of argument let’s forget about that for a moment, ok?), then you go underfed and … [Read more...]

Summer 2010 workout routine

Photo by Scootzsx

Four weeks ago I wrecked up my left foot while doing sprints in a park. For the two following weeks I was barely able to walk. I had x-rays taken but nothing seemed amiss. Still, the diagnose was a minor fracture caused by excess strain. After spending about a week in self-pity, lying on the couch and agonizing over missed exercise, I decided to hit the gym. Even though I … [Read more...]

The most important thing

Bodies: The Exhibition

There is a single possession that you will have from birth to death. Something that you cannot leave behind and will always follow you. The way you take care of this thing will also have an effect on everything else that takes place during your life. I am, of course, referring to your body. Considering the importance of this marvelous machinery that has evolved during … [Read more...]

Bare feet, happy feet

Running with Vibram FiveFinger shoes

Couple months ago, I stumbled upon some articles arguing that expensive running shoes are actually not good for you. Now, what interests me in this topic is, that I have been running actively since I was 14 years old. However, some time around my 18th birthday I strained my knees during one run. It started at first with a slow pain on both sides of the kneecaps (I can't … [Read more...]