GMOs, complexity, and systemic risk

Sunset crops

There has been some good debate in a Finnish GMO-Awareness facebook group recently regarding both the pros and cons of GMOs. This has prompted me to participate as well, because I feelĀ I have something specificĀ to contribute to the discussion: the explanation of systemic risk. All living organisms are complex adaptive systems individually and also on an environmental and a species level. In … [Read more...]

Who controls your life?

Who controls your life?

This is a topic I have been wanting to write about for a long time, but it has been difficult to gather my thoughts and more importantly find the resolve required. Perhaps because this is something that makes me want to scream inside. Here goes. Do you feel unhappy about some aspect of your life? Not in the perfect relationship you dreamt about when you were young, but hey the guy/girl you've … [Read more...]

How to find your calling

Lost in Kyoto (w650)

One of my oldest friends turned 30 last weekend. As a happy coincidence, I met more than a few people in the birthday party who I have known for a long time, but haven't seen in person for years. We are all in our late 20s, and one thing kept coming up again and again as we talked: almost everyone had changed - or was thinking of changing - the direction of their life. A guy I hadn't met in … [Read more...]

Knowledge and Conviction


In the past couple years I've slowly come to the conclusion that the more you know about something, the more difficult it becomes to talk about it with people who are unfamiliar with the topic. Positive psychology is such a thing for me and so is nutrition. When talking about them I will easily go into the specifics - usually the ones I've studied most recently - and fail to communicate on the … [Read more...]

Simplifying life, one thing at a time

Simplifying life, one thing at a time

Today I am launching a new project called One Thing Less. The way it works is that every week I will be either selling one thing that I own, give it away for free, or if there are no takers I will find a way to donate it to charity or, as a last option, throw it away. These items are announced in the One Thing Less website, and anyone can indicate interest for an item by leaving a comment. I'm … [Read more...]