This page contains a brief overview of some of the more interesting personal and professional projects that I have undertaken.


Ongoing projects:



In MINDexpe project we are exploring ways to implement a “culture of experimentation” inside organizations. Meaning how organizations can move from the paradigm of planning towards paradigm of experimentation when it comes to innovating. The fundamental assumption behind the project is that planning is becoming more and more uncertain in a constantly changing environment, and by planning it is possible to gain only marginal improvements. True strategic innovation requires a different skillset. We believe that a better approach is to rapidly come up with multiple approaches and ideas, experiment them, and learn from experimentation which ideas are viable for further development, leading to more ideas and more experiments, and eventually better solutions that can be achieved using the traditional planning model.

The Basics of DSLR Photography -workshop

I create and lead full-day workshops with both lectures and hands-on practice that aim to teach all the most important aspects on using a DSLR camera.

Outcome: Pilot workshop held, more workshops are being planned.


Past projects:

One Thing Less

This is an experiment where my goal was to every week either sell or give away one single item that I own. For my reasons to do this please read this article.

Outcome: The project is on hold until further notice as I feel my energies are better directed elsewhere.

ParempiTyö (BetterWork)

A blog related to my master’s thesis in Aalto University School of Economics. The emphasis is on discussing both career planning from the employees point of view, and how to create better work environments from the employers point of view.

Outcome: Writing efforts directed to as the topics warrant attention from a wider audience than just Finnish-speakers.

International Design Business Management (2011-2012)

An international client company in raw materials business tasked our 4-person team to find out whether or not their R&D unit should start charging for some of the services that they offer to their clients. The underlying questions turned out to be more profound, however, and to answer the brief we had to first analyze the strategy, vision and business model of the entire company.

Outcome: A 90-page workbook with a proposal for new strategy and various tools and frameworks that help the company plan how to execute it.


Service prototyping (2012)

A non-profit organization assigned our team to examine how they could communicate environmental information better to their customers. Our research showed that their customers have less need for that information than the client assumed. Instead the focus turned into how the organization can expand their reach and develop new ways to communicate their agenda in a larger scale.

Outcome: Three prototypes.


SAP Projects (2007-2012)

During my career at Accenture I have undertaken the following projects and responsibilities:

    • Multinational SAP rollout project: Authorization Lead (two similar projects, one involving two countries and another involving seven).
    • Domestic SAP rollout project: Testing Lead.
    • Global SAP version upgrade project: Authorization Team Lead.


Nutrition, Health, and Happiness -seminar (2011)

I created a 4 hour lecture distilling the lessons I learnt during my two and half years of studying nutrition, health and exercise. The lecture slides can be found here for free.

Outcome: Two seminars held.